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World Champion Lance Armstrong Tells Cancer: "Get out of my life, I'm a busy guy!"


Lance Armstrong

At age 25, Lance Armstrong, one of the world's most talented cyclist, was diagnosed with an advanced form of testicular cancer. From then on, his life was changed forever. Given a 50 percent chance of survival, he was in the toughest race of his life. Miraculously, today Lance is cancer free.

However, Lance knows the fight has just begun. He learned that testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged 15-35, and that patients' odds for survival greatly increase if detected early. Lance realized that there is work to be done to eliminate this needles suffering.

He then formed the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer, an organization devoted to fighting cancer through research, creating awareness of the disease, and promoting self examination.

Here is a letter that Lance wrote to a young cancer patient:

"I heard that your last doctors appointment didn't go the way you had planned. I'm sorry to hear that but I want to talk about the bigger picture with you. Cancer is a funny illness that comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes better or worse. Sometimes a short fight, sometimes a long fight. The key word is fight. When I met you at St. Andrews I felt like I was meeting a fighter and shaking the hand of a winner. Regardless of a relapse or bad check-up, you must keep the faith. The faith in your doctors, the faith in the medicine, the faith in your family, and most importantly the faith in yourself. This, my friend is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself. Tell your cancer to go away. Plain and simple. Tell it to "Get out of my life, I'm a busy guy!" I get asked everyday why I returned to professional cycling. The answer isn't about money, winning races, or fame. The answer is because of people like you. Cancer patients that want to live forever and fight like hell. I will ride my bike tomorrow for five hours and think of you all day, that's right, thinking of you, the fighter! Hang in there my friend.

Yours truly -- Lance Armstrong"

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