LABOR POWER RACING:  Lung Busters, Leg Breakers

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Labor Victory Board
Gold Medal Count as of August 18, 2004: 37

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Digging Deep Labor Style

Labor Power's Kirk Bausch surges at the finish line to win the uphill pack sprint in the first race of the 2004 season at Bullevard near the California/Mexico border. Labor inaugurated the year in fine fashion with a clean sweep of the top four spots (R.Worthington, M. Scott, D. Worthington, K. Bausch). 2/9/04

Photo courtesy of Mark Johnson

Labor 1-2!

Labor punctuates its dominance of the Cascade Cycling Classic with a 1-2 finish in the criterium, which was held in the Old Mill District on the banks of the Deschutes RIver and within the shadows of the old Brooks Scanlon paper mill powerhouse. Chris Walker won the overall, and R. Worthington was third. Donovan was 2nd. Bend, Oregon, July 12, 2004.

Chris "Vampire" Walker, Goleta, CA (15 Vees)
1st So Cal/Nev. Dist. Elite Crit. E   Redlands, CA
1st So Cal/Nev. Dist. Elite RR E   Redlands, CA
1st So Cal/Nev. Dist. Masters Crit 40+   Redlands, CA
1st So Cal/Nev. Dist. Masters RR 40+   Redlands, CA
1st  Nelson's Landing Stage Race 1/2   Las Vegas, NV
1st  Nelson's Landing Road Race 1/2   Las Vegas, NV
1st Pomona Valley Stage Race 35+   San Diego, CA
1st Stage 1 Pomona - Circuit R 35+   San Diego, CA
1st Sea Otter RR 30+   Monterry, CA
1st Barrio Logan State Crit 40+   San Diego, CA
1st Sisquoc RR 1/2   Santa Marina, CA
1st Vandenburg State RR 40+   Lompoc, CA
1st Vandenburg State Elite RR E   Lompoc, CA
1st San Fernando Crit - State Elite E   San Fernando, CA
1st National Elite RR E   Redlands, CA
Roger Worthington, Dana Point, CA (5 Vees)
1st Bullyvard RR 35+ 2/7 US/Mexico Border
1st Valley of Sun RR 35+ 2/14 Phoenix, AZ
3rd CA Masters RR Champ.   6/5 Lompoc, CA
1st Vandenburg RR   6/6 Lompoc, CA
1st Masters Nat'l Champ. Tandem   8/14 Park City, UT
1st Senior Elite Nationals Tandem   8/14 Park City, UT
5th Master Nat'l Champ. RR   8/15 Park City, UT
Mark Scott, Escondido, CA (10 Vees)
1st Valentines Crit 35+ 2/8  
1st McLane Pacific Crit 30+ 3/14  
1st Barrio Logan States 30+ 5/1  
1st Solvang Crit 35+ 5/8  
1st Sisquoc RR 35+ 5/29  
1st Vandenburge States RR 35+ 6/5  
  California Crit Champion 35+    
  California RR Champion 30+    
1st San Fernando Crit. 35+   San Fernando, CA
1st Glendale Grand Prix 35+   Glendale, CA
Dave Worthington, Costa Mesa, CA (3 Vees)
1st Devils Punch Bowl RR 35+ 4/24 Pearblossom, CA
1st Pomona Valley RR 35+ 3/20 Pomona Valley, CA
1st Temecula Wine Country RR 35+ 2/28 Temecula, CA
Louie Amelburu, Las Vegas, NV (1 Vees)
1st California TT Champion      
Ron Peterson, Redondo Beach, CA  
John Wike
Kirk Bausch
Mike Morril
Steve Strickler
Chris Hipp, Redwood City, CA

Don't Sit Back, Attack!

Hoverhawk at the line. A Salute to Peace, Love, and Labor!  March 20, 2004. Pomona Valley Road Race, 35+.

Photo courtesy of Mark Johnson

Photo courtesy of Mark Johnson

Labor Breaks Out!

Labor's Walker, Worthington and Donovan muscle up the steep Awbrey Butte Climb during Stage III of the Cascade Classic masters race, which was sponsored in 2004 by Roger G. Worthington, P.C. The labor trio broke away from the field within the first 8 miles and rode off the front by over 1 minute for the next 50 miles. The weather was cool, the mountains were majestic, the people friendly, the competition fierce and the beer... cold and delicious



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