LABOR POWER RACING:  Lung Busters, Leg Breakers

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Labor Victory Board
Gold Medal Count for 2003: 10

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Tough Day at the Office

Labor's Chris Hipp sullen after shaving away left side of face in violent crash in Land Park Criterium in Sacramento. A reminder to all you daredevils wear a brain bucket!



Top of the World

MKA and Labor Coach Punch, Innsbruck, Austria August 2003.


Roll Labor!

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Team Labor Power
California State Championships

Labor Pounds at Irwinflail

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Sea Otter Champ

MKA all smiles after winning the Sea Otter Road Race, Monterrey, California (4/03)

Doing the Dance...

...Living the Life.   MKA takes the Vee at Dominquez Hills Criterium in Carson, California, June 14, 2003.

Labor Loves Yellow!

Labor Power stacking the podium at San Diego Stage Race with L. Ron Hubbard taking the top honors, with a little help from his Labor brethren, clockwise from L. Ron's left: G-Spot, GMO Dilfunder, Steve Stricky, Hoodee Hover Hawk and the ever sanguine KB Skippy Bausch, posing with the bottle. San Diego, June 2003


Panic Feed!

MKA on top of climb at Masters World Championships in St. Johann Austria in full panic mode as he flings his bottle to Labor Grand Master Punch who was able to click this picture and scurry through a stream of insane Italians to hand MKA a fresh bottle of Red Bull. The magic elixir, regrettably, was not enough, as MKA could muster only 30th in a field of 150. August 28, 2003.

 Labor Rules Cascade Classsic -- Again!

Labor celebrates its 6th victory in 7 years at the prestigious Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. This years winner was MKA, his 4th win. Runner up was Zinfandel of Washington and Louie the Rican, Labor, of Las Vegas, Nevada

Roger Worthington, Dana Point, CA (10 Vees)
1st Action RR 35+ 3/2 Valencia, CA
1st Sea Otter RR 40+ 4/12 Monterey, CA
1st Ontario Speedwagon  Crit 40+ 4/20 Ontario, CA
3rd Cal. State Champ. Crit 40+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
3rd Cal. State Champ. RR 40+ 5/4 San Diego, CA
1st Temecula RR 35+ 6/7 Temecula, CA
1st Dominguez Hills Crit 6/14 Dominguez, CA
1st Mt. Bachelor RR 35+ 7/10 Bend, OR
1st Awbrey Butte RR 35+ 7/11 Bend, OR
1st Cascade Cycling Classic 35+ 7/12 Bend, OR
1st Post Office Crit 40+ 8/1 Long Beach, CA
1st Team Time Trial 40+ 9/6 San Diego, CA
Chris Hahn, Santa Barbara, CA  (5 Vees)
1st Puddingstone RR Cat 2 3/8 San Dimas, CA
1st Sea Otter Classic CR 30+ 4/14 Monterey, CA
1st CA State RR 35+ 5/4 San Diego, CA
2nd Cal. State Champ. Crit 35+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
1st Temecula Crit 35+ 6/7 Temecula, CA
1st Semana Nautica Crit 40+ 6/28 Santa Barbara, CA
Butch Stinton, Simi Valley, CA (23 Vees)
1st Yuma Crit 45+ 2/23 Yuma, AZ
1st Yuma Overall 45+ 2/23 Yuma, AZ
1st LA Circuit 40+ 3/9 Los Angeles, CA
1st Dominguez Crit 50+ 3/16 Dominguez, CA
1st McLane Pacific RR 45+ 3/23 Merced, CA
1st Irwindale Crit #1 45+ 3/30 Irwindale, CA
1st La Mirada GP 50+ 4/13 La Mirada, CA
1st Ontario Crit #1 50+ 4/20 Ontario, CA
1st Ontario Crit #1 45+ 4/20 Ontario, CA
1st Santa Clarita Crit 50+ 4/27 Santa Clarita, CA
1st Goleta Crit 50+ 5/11 Goleta, CA
1st Save Mart Crit 45+ 5/17 Modesto, CA
1st Warner Center Crit 50+ 5/25 Woodland Hills, CA
1st Warner Center Crit 45+ 5/25 Woodland Hills, CA
1st Long Beach Crit 50+ 5/26 Long Beach, CA
1st Long Beach Crit 45+ 5/26 Long Beach, CA
1st Temecula RR 50+ 6/76 Temecula, CA
1st Glendale Crit 45+ 6/15 Glendale, CA
1st Domingues Crit 50+ 6/22 Domingues, CA
1st Masters Track States Spr 50+ 6/28 Encino, CA
1st Masters Track States 2k 50+ 6/28 Encino, CA
1st Masters Track States Pts 50+ 6/15 Encino, CA
1st Domingues Crit 40+ 7/6 Domingues, CA
Fred Hoblit (3 Vees
1st Barrio Logan Grand Prix 45+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
1st Irwindale Grand Prix #2 45+ 6/29 Irwindale, CA
1st Ontario Grand Prix #4 45+ 7/13 Ontario, CA
Ron Peterson, Redondo Beach, CA  (7 Vees)
1st Tuscon Bike Classic S-2 3/15 Tuscon, AZ
1st Tuscon Bike Classic S-3 3/16 Tuscon, AZ
3rd Sea Otter RR 30+ 4/10 Monterey, CA
1st CA State Crit. 35+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
2nd CA State RR 35+ 5/4 San Diego, CA
2nd El Cajon Crit. 35+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
1st Cyclo Vets Omnium TT 35+ 6/20  
1st Cyclo Vets Omnium RR 35+ 6/21  
1st Cyclo Vets Omnium Ovral 35+ 6/22  
1st Team Time Trial 40+ 9/6 San Diego, CA
John Wike (9 Vees)
1st Irwindale GP #1 30+ 3/30 Los Angeles, CA
1st Redlands Crit. 1,2 4/6 Los Angeles, CA
1st Sea Otter Crit. 30+ 4/14 Santa Cruz, CA
1st CA State Crit. 30+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
1st CBR Crit. 30+ 6/13 Los Angeles, CA
1st Tour DeNez Crit. 30+ 6/20 Reno, NV
1st Brewrs Hill Crit. 30+ 7/16 Wisconsin, IL
1st Bensenville Crit. 30+ 7/20 Wisconsin, IL
3rd Masters Nat'l Crit. 30+ 8/6 Louisville, KY
1st Manhattan Grand Prix 30+   CA
Dave Worthington, Costa Mesa, CA (3 Vees)
1st Devils Punchbowl RR 35+ 4/26 Pearblossom, CA
1st Sisquoc RR 35+ 5/10 Santa Maria, CA
4th Cal. State Champ. Crit 40+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
1st Vandenburg AFB RR 35+ 6/1 Lompoc, CA
Dale Luedtke, Oceanside, CA  (2 Vees)
1st Valley of the Sun Crit 45+ 2/16 Phoenix, AZ
1st Ontario GP 45+ 2/23 Ontario, CA
Louie Amelburu, Las Vegas, NV (12 Vees)
1st Las Vegas TT 1/5 Las Vegas, NV
1st Tour of the Storm Crit 4/19 St. George, UT
1st Tour of the Storm Overall 35+ 4/20 St. George, UT
1st Death Valley RR 35+ Bishop, CA
1st Mt. Everest Chlng SR 35+ Bishop, CA
1st Mt. Everest Chlng 2nd Stg 5/17 Bishop, CA
1st High Unitas Classic 35+ 6/22 Park City, UT
1st National Tandem TT 8/4 Louisville, KY
2nd National Tandem RR 8/7 Louisville, KY
1st TTT 9/6 Fiesta Island, CA
1st Mt. Charlseton Hill Climb 1,2 9/13 Las Vegas, NV
1st Las Vegas Crit 40+ 9/14 Las Vegas, NV
1st Arizona Championship 40+ 9/21 Prescott, AZ
Mark Scott, Escondido, GA (20 Vees)
1st El Cajon Crit. 35+ 2/2
1st North End Classic 35+ 2/21 Yuma, AZ
1st North End Classic Crit.. 35+ 2/23 Yuma, AZ
1st Pamona Valley Crit. #4 35+ 3/7
1st McLane Pacific Crit 30+ 2/23 Merced, CA
1st Irwindale Speedway Circ. 35+ 3/30 Irwindale, CA
1st Redlands Classic Crit 30+ 4/6 Redlands, CA
1st Santa Barbara Crit 30+ 5/1 Santa Barbara, CA
3rd Cal. State Champ. Crit 35+ 5/3 San Diego, CA
6th Cal. State Champ. RR 30+ 5/4 San Luis Rey, CA
1st 25th Annual Crit 30+ 5/25 Iowa
1st Cyclo Vets Omnimum Crit 30+ 6/22 San Diego, CA
1st State Champ. 3k Pursuit 35+ 6/28 Encino, CA
1st Paramount Crit 30+ 7/6 Los Angeles, CA
1st Brentwood Crit 30+ 7/19 Los Angeles, CA
1st San Marcos Crit 30+ 7/20 San Marcos, CA
1st Oceanside Crit 30+ 7/27 Oceanside, CA
1st Masters Nat'l Champ 35+ 8/6 Louisville, KY
1st Cal. CBR. State Champt 30+ 8/10 Los Angeles, CA
1st Cal. CBR. State Champt 35+ 8/10 Los Angeles, CA
1st Downer Grove Crit 30+ 8/16 Chicago, IL
1st Team Time Trial 40+ 9/6 San Diego, CA
Kirk Bausch (1 Vee)
1st Kakaako Crit (1,2,3) Sr. 7/6 Honolulu, HI
Mike Morril (1 Vee)
1st National Tandem TT 8/4 Louisville, KY
2nd National Tandem RR 8/7 Louisville, KY
Steve Strickler (3 Vees)
1st Mothballs Crit 40+. 2/2  
1st Cyclo Vets Crit 40+. 6/22  
1st Torrance Crit 35+. 8/24  
Gabe Deleone (1 Vee)
1st Mt. Charlesgon Hill Climb 45+. 9/13  Las Vegas, NV
Chris Hipp, Redwood City, CA (2 Vees)
1st Early Bird Crit. 1,2 1/19  Fremont, CA
1st Cherry Pie Crit. 30+ 2/9  Napa, CA

Roll Labor!

vic03_bario35pod.jpg (13972 bytes)

California State Criterium Championships - 35 Plus

1. Ron Petersen, Labor Power
2. Mark Scott, Labor Power
3. Genghis Hahn, Labor Power

California State Criterium Championships - 30 Plus

Labor Power's John Wike slices through the rain soaked streets of San Diego enroute to another victory at the California State Criterium Championships on May 6, 2003. When most racers abandoned because of the dangerously slick conditions, Wike, also known as "Psycho", dove in head first like a pelican diving for sardines.

State and National Champion!

Evander Testicle inhales the cold crisp mountain air atop Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon earlier this year at the Labor Power winter training camp. Evander, the 2003 California State criterium champion and Masters National Champion, credits his success this year to his early season aerobic training. "Snow, mountains, rocks, dirt, roads -- it doesn't matter, those Labor guys rock!" he said.

Long Live Navy Vets!

Labor Power's Mark G-Spott celebrates another crushing victory at a tough course at the Veterans Administration Hospital grounds in Los Angeles. Gspot dedicated the win to US Navy vets who are suffering from asbestos cancer and urged our government to fund medical research to cure mesothelioma, a war-related disease. Also pictured, on left, Horsetoof Jack Asnik and Perturbello Roiders, on right. July, 2003.

MKA and Hover at finish line in
St. Johanns

Labor's Chris Hipp Star blasts around the point to capture another victory at the Giro di San Francisco. Asbestos Kills, but speed heals, as long as the rubber side remains down.

By A Nose!

Labor Pro Dream-Teamer Chris Hipp edged out at the finish line by Tito Fuentes at the Travelocity Presidio Criterium in San Francisco. A frustrated Hipp, accustomed to racing in dry, tumbleweed-strewn and lizard infested lake beds in North Texas, said he was so bedazzled by the beauty of the Presidio he lost his focus.

Labor Wins CBR state Champs!

Labor's Mark Scott delivered an unprecedented one two punch for double wins in the CBR state championships, winning gold in both the 30 plus and 35 plus criteriums. A few days later our beloved "Gspot" won the crash bang masters criterium in Chicago, Illinois (Downers Grove). Pictured hereVampire in hot pursuit of warm blooded Labor Captain Max Kash Agro.


Labor, patrolling the pack like sharks looking for their next meal in the
Downers Grove 30+ Criterium in Chicago, Illinios 2003

The final turn in Downer's Grove.
Get on the train, this locomotive's leaving the station! Hippstar slingshots G-Spot to the line for the Vee!]

The 3 Labor Musketeers: Hippstar, G-Spot and Psycho Wyko, basking in the glory of the Vee.


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