LABOR POWER RACING:  Lung Busters, Leg Breakers


MKA rounding the bend enroute to victory at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic (June 4-8, 2009, Mt. Hood, Oregon).  MKA won the 45 plus division in the grueling 4 day stage race and placed second in the 35 plus category. "Winning the Mt. Hood stage was the pinnacle of my career," said MKA, referring to the 92 mile stage that started and finished 10,000 feet of climbing later at the Mt. Hood Meadows resort parking lot. "The last few miles, off the front, I was tapping into the cosmic forces to help me up that mountain. Turns out faith has a pragmatic application."

The Greatest Masters Racing Team of All Time? (Feb. 26, 2015)

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  Captain Nimrod's Bitter Ale: Not for Sale!  Drink up. Dream On.  Click here to view larger image.

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  2nd Annual San Clemente Challenge, Pedal for a Pool,  co-sponsored by RGW, PC, May 21, 2006.

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  Labor Power Flags

  Worthington, PC sponsors World's Richest Masters Bike Race, Bend, Oregon (July 8-10, 2005)


  San Clemente Challenge Circuit Race, San Clemente, California (5/14/05)

 Inaugural 2005 San Clemente Challenge a Smashing Success!

  Labor's Chris Walker Crowned National Champion! (6/15/04)

  Elite Nationals: Old Schooler Walker Takes Elite Road Race (6/16/04)


             CART Superstar Paul Tracy Joins Labor! (5/9/03)
  • Deconstructing the Popular Wisdom on the Art of Field Sprinting  (8/30/02)
  • Honorary Labor Power Teammate Waymon Shadwick  (9/23/98)

Labor Rules Again!
Los Angeles, California - August 7, 2005

Labor Works the Waterfront

Whenever the work gets dirty, you can count on Labor to lend a hand. After racing in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Labor spotted a few laborers having trouble with rodent control. Labor swooped in. Within minutes, the rodents were eliminated, the workers rejoiced, and Labor's cleaning crew moved on to the next distress call.  Kenosha, WI, on Lake Michigan, July 2004.

Labor Manhandles Madman

MKA succeeds in holding down firebrand funny man and longtime Labor supporter Robin Williams for all of 2 seconds at the San Francisco Grand Prix. That morning Robin easily won the celebrity race after threatening to take a crowbar to anyone foolish enough to challenge him in the sprint.

Labor Ecstasy!

Labor Power's sprint sensation Mark "Gspot" Scott celebrates his hard fought victory at the Pomona Valley Stage Race in Fontucky, California. March 10, 2003

2001 Pan American Champion!

Labor Power's Louie Amelburu is all smiles after winning the Gold Medal in the Road Race at the
Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba. The win was especially gratifying for Louie, whose parents fled Cuba years ago.
Louie is a schoolteacher who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva La Labor!


Genghis Hahn

Genghis Hahn sprinting to victory in the Masters Cycling League Championship in Oceanside, California.
Labor Power handily won the 5 race series for the second year in a row.

More Labor Southern California Victories

David 'Hawk' Worthington - Ride for the Roses Criterium, Austin, Texas, May 1999.

Hoosier D. Caron - Ride for the Roses Criterium, Austin, Texas, May 1999.

Max Kash Agro - Ride for the Roses Criterium, Austin, Texas, May 1999.


lancdaw2.jpg (43703 bytes)

Labor Power's Dave "Hoverhawk" Worthington hams it up with Lance Armstrong,
quintessential Iron Man and everybody's hero, at the 2nd annual
"Race for a Cure" in Austin, Texas (May, 1999).

  • Lance Armstrong - Words to Live By.   Please click on this to read a compelling quote for cancer patients by Lance Armstrong, the Father of All Cancer Killers, from his excellent new book: "It's Not About the Bike - My Journey Back to Life."  (6/13/00)

  • World Champion Lance Armstrong Tells Cancer: "Get out of my life, I'm a busy guy!"  (1/5/00)

Since 1995, The Law Offices of Roger G. Worthington, P.C., in conjunction with it's Labor Union friends, has sponsored an amateur bike racing team.

The team consists of 10 hard working, savvy and a little crazy Masters racers and competes in major pro-am races on the West Coast, in Texas and in the Midwest. The name of the team is  'Labor Power'  < click here to view 1997 LABOR POWER JERSEY >.  Since 1995, Team Labor power has piled up impressive victories in Oregon, Texas, California, Canada, Nevada, Utah and Alabama and has performed well at the national championship track and road events. More important than winning races is the message Team Labor has been sending to the public.

*    *   *   *   *   *
Labor Power Pounders/Flailers 2001

Labor Power 2001

L to R Patrick "Furrball" Fetzer, R. Worthington, Doug "Gomer" Kyle,
Scottie Woodchuck, Gregolini Lonergan, Hover Hawk Worthington, Geronimo, L. Ron Labor,
Genghis, Hoosha D. Caron. Not pictured Boots Bittner and Rev. Billy Stone, Esq.


*    *   *   *   *   *
Labor Power 2000:  Asbestos Kills!

Team Labor Power, 2000

L to R  Ghengis Hahn, Hawk Worthington, Jesse James, Danny Labor,
Hoosier D Caron, R. Worthington (future Labor in the basket)).


*    *   *   *   *   *
1999 Labor Power Bike Racing Team

1999 Labor Power Bike Racing Team

Team Labor Power (from left to right), Bruce Prophet Reid, R. Worthington, Dave Hover Hawk Worthington,
Danny Labur Nicolletti, R. Geronimo, Robo Cop Kircher, Bruce Ramtucky Reid, M.M. Hackenflak


*    *   *   *   *   *
1998 Labor Power Bike Racing Team

Labor Power - 1998

Team Labor Power slouches around Labor Mobile, a retrofitted 1982 Dodge Colt, preparing for battle in Vista, California.
(from left to right, clockwise from Labor Mobile car door), Evander Teske, Hawk Worthington,
MM Downtown Meyer, Vinny the Hack, Bruce Ramm Tucky,
Bruce Prophet Ballsch, R. Worthington, Bucky Bear

This year (1998) we have designated Asbestos Worker Waymon Shadwick as an Honorary Member of Team Labor Power.

*    *   *   *   *   *
1997 Labor Power Bike Racing Team

1997 Team Labor Power
(L to R) David "Hawk" Worthington; Hipp Starr; Rambo Tucky,
R. Worthington; Rickey La Virus;
Not Pictured - Johnny "The Gee" Gotchall, MD;
Mike "Rain Forest" Wilson; Vinnie the "Hack";

Greg "Bones" Bennett and Harry Phinney

*    *   *   *   *   *

1996 Labor Power Bike Racing Team

Team Labor Power
Front Row L to R:  Col. Bull Rinker, Hawk Worthington,
  Ricky Squeaker, Guns Armstrong, Jimmie "Kid" Hoffie,
Back Row: Linda Star, Frankie Rizzo, M.M.Hackenflail,  
Hank Stamper, R. Worthington

*    *   *   *   *   *

Team Labor is sponsored by every working man and women who has been robbed of their health by asbestos and other toxic chemicals. We want to remind the public how precious good health is, and how easily it can be taken away by reckless and indifferent companies who peddle poisonous products. We know that thousands of working Americans have paid a heavy price for making the U.S. the greatest Nation on Earth. We tell the public that the temporary pain we experience racing bicycles is nothing like the pain a mesothelioma or cancer patient faces every hour of everyday. As bike racers, we choose to suffer swollen legs and burning lungs when climbing mountains or sprinting for the win. We know that a terminal asbestos patient does not have this choice -- his pain and anguish was forced upon him and his family. We do not take our health for granted!


Asbestos Update or call 1-800-831-9399

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